Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Maybe you’ve even gone as far as claiming your Twitter and Instagram accounts to at least protect your brand’s image. Maybe you’ve sent out a few awkward tweets or added a few photos to your Instagram account. But what are you really doing there? Do you have a purpose? A goal?

Last month we gave you some ins and outs for Facebook marketing. This month we’re talking continuing that discussion with some business tips for marketing on Twitter and Instagram. Remember, your competitors are already out there and active in these areas, so you need to be too!

Check out these Karismatic Marketing tips for Twitter and Instagram.

Getting Started on Twitter

Choose a username that utilizes your business name. If it’s already taken (say by a similarly named business in another state), then you can use a creative variation to set yourself apart. As with Facebook, you’ll want to be sure that your profile is complete. You won’t need to add as much detail here because the character counts are limited. That means you’ll need to be sure that every word is essential. There’s no space to waste here!

Why and What to Tweet?

Twitter connects you with both businesses and customers in real-time, so it’s considered a B-to-B and a B-to-C advertising medium. Twitter is a great place to be a sharer of information. One of the rules of thumb for social media is that you should be talking about yourself 50% of the time and being informative or educational the other 50% of the time.

And be sure not to be too pushy or salesy. Remember, this isn’t advertising here. It’s marketing. You have a 140-character limit to build each message, so make it short, sweet, and to the point.

The Anatomy of a Tweet

Each tweet should contain a headline or lede, that will entice your followers to engage and/or click on your link. Twitter has become very visual, so pictures work great here, too. If you want to link to an article, you can use or to shorten your link, or you can use a scheduler like HootSuite, which has a built-in link shortener.

Then finish off your tweet with a few well-selected hashtags. Two is usually plenty; you don’t want to overuse them here because most followers will find that annoying. Hashtags act like clickable search terms, so they’re another way to be found. Use hashtags that are related to your business or product. Even better—create a few branded hashtags that are specific to only your company!

Having Fun with Instagram

Instagram is probably the most visual of the social media channels. It’s all about photo sharing here. So get the picture happy!

You’ll be able to engage with a wide variety of local customers, like-minded businesses and brands, and other nationwide or global fans. In fact, Instagram is where your business can possibly have the biggest reach.

Tailor Instagram for Your Brand

When selecting photos to post here, think ‘slice of life’ or think about getting up close and personal with your business, including behind-the-scenes shots, employee photos, and inventive ways to display your product(s). Choose photos or short videos that really draw followers in.

Add some commentary to describe the photo or what’s happening. Then insert a few appropriate emojis because they will increase interaction with your post. Finally, add some hashtags at the end. Instagram will allow you to use up to 30 hashtags here. You don’t need to use 30 hashtags with every post, so don’t go crazy. Just be smart and strategic.

Now that you know you need to be in these spaces, we encourage you to get started and have fun with it. If you don’t have the time, that’s where Karismatic Marketing can step in to help you. We’ve got a social media specialist at the ready to start promoting your business.

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