Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives. You use technology every day. Technology is great! It makes life easier for us, but is there a point where technology goes too far? It is important to consider artificial intelligence and how it may affect our future. Here at Karismatic Marketing, we were pondering how AI might affect what we do!

What is AI?

When you think about artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably Sonny from the movie “i,Robot” or Skynet from “The Terminator”. Technology has risen to be superior to the humans that created it, gained consciousness and we all know how the rest of the movie goes. It may sound a bit outrageous, but current artificial intelligence is already pretty advanced. SIRI and Cortana, the little voices living inside your smartphone, are AI designed to help you with many tasks. SIRI and Cortana are two examples of “narrow AI”. This means they are designed for specific tasks and cannot perform anything they aren’t specifically designed to do. They can’t drive your car because they were not programmed to drive your car. But according to The Future of Life Institute, the goal of researchers is to create artificial general intelligence that will be able to outperform humans at all cognitive tasks.

AI and Business

Elon Musk and Bill Gates believe the single biggest threat to mankind is AI. But before the rise of the machines and AI’s attempt at world domination along with the enslavement of the human race, companies are going to have to learn to navigate in a world of emerging technology to be successful. As marketers, we are already experiencing this keeping up with the constant changes to Google and Facebook algorithms in order to get the biggest bang for our client’s buck. We at Karismatic Marketing are always working diligently to keep up with technology. While AI may be able to make things easier for us, it along with other technologies like robotics may become a real threat to jobs. Consider the amount of automation in the auto manufacturing segment or the new ordering kiosks at McDonald’s. That is just the beginning. A BBC website has a search by job title that will tell you the likelihood of your job being replaced by technology. As a marketing company, our job is fairly safe. But what about buyers? Sorry you corporate buyers, there is a 60% chance your job is going away. What does that mean for marketers and companies that focus on business to business? Yup, that’s right, it means we are going to have to learn to market to AI. AI probably won’t be swayed by Super Bowl commercials or nifty radio jingles, and doubt it’s going to follow you on Facebook. So how do you market to AI? We’re already working on it! How do you think AI & Robotics might affect you?