In today’s world, there are many ways to promote your business. One of the most common ways is through a website, blog, or ads placed on the internet. The rise of the internet has led to information, true or false, being freely shared between people. The major bonus to using the internet for promoting your business is that the information or services you would like people to know about are easily accessible. Placing your information online is a great way to promote your business and services to potential customers or business partners, but it does come with a very large responsibility. The responsibility to build and maintain a professional online reputation.

What is an Online Reputation?

An online reputation can be your biggest asset, but it can also cause you harm. Your online reputation is what people see when they Google you or your business. The information that comes up in the google search engine or on a social media page, such as Facebook, is what determines your online reputation. Online reputation is a fickle thing. It can be affected by things as small as one negative review online by an unimpressed customer. For example, let’s say that you own a restaurant and one of your customers has a disagreement with a member of the wait staff. While you may handle the situation in a very professional and polite manner the customer may decide to review your restaurant online. That review, positive or negative, can impact your reputation. If the customer decides to leave a negative review, people looking up your restaurant could get the wrong idea about what kind of business you run. It is also important to understand that whatever you put online is permanent. Representing yourself in a professional way even on private social media is important because once it’s out there it is out there and people can have access to it.

How to Maintain Your Online Reputation

According to Forbes magazine, there are five ways to maintain your online reputation. The first way they list is to search for yourself. You can do a simple Google search on yourself and see what comes up. Another way to protect your online reputation is to purchase your domain name. You can choose to buy just one domain name or multiple domain names to store your content on. Forbes also recommends that you put all of your content in one place. This minimizes the amount of information that could be just floating all over the internet. Social media is another tool you can use to monitor your online reputation. A fairly active social media account can let people who follow you know what is going on with your business directly from the source instead of some random online ad they see. Lastly, it is important to keep your private life private but to also assume that people will be able to see your private pictures or posts as well.

Karismatic Can Help

Managing an online reputation is tough work and it can be tedious and tiring trying to do everything yourself to make sure your online reputation is in good shape. The good news is that there is someone who can help you. At Karismatic we offer an online reputation management service that will ensure your business is claimed appropriately on all of the most relevant search engines, monitor review sites, and alert you of new reviews. We take the pressure off so you can concentrate on running your business! We look forward to making sure you shine on the world wide web!