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Our Strategy at Karismatic is Simple: To Be the Best of the Best!

We hold this expectation of ourselves, our clients, and our suppliers

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Select Clientele

We only work with a select clientele.  If you are excited about or genuinely interested in being excited about your business, we want to talk to you.  If you are not excited about your business, why should your customers be?  Frankly, if you are not passionate about your business and don’t want to be, there are plenty of marketing companies out there to choose from.  We used to say we are happy to make referrals, but seriously, we aren’t interested in wasting your time or ours.  Some might say this approach is cocky or arrogant, but at Karismatic Marketing where Our Business is Growing Yours, we know what works and we are focused on driving RESULTS!

We Truly Partner 
With Our Clients

When we elect to work with you as a client, we view ourselves as a partner in your business. This is our “Secret Sauce”, we really care about your goals and your bottom line!  We take a wholistic approach in evaluating your business from a consumer-centric perspective.  We know that every business is unique and we also know that so much about business is universal.  We put in the effort to understand your business, inside and out.  We can drill down to the Who, What, When, Where, and most importantly the WHY.  We will challenge your assumptions!  You are not paying for flowery responses but feedback and ideas so honest sometimes it might hurt.

We offer comprehensive
Planning & Execution

We develop a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals within your budget, driving for results that will get the most bang for your buck! We execute this plan using our in-house expertise and our preferred suppliers. In some cases, we can direct, educate, and hold accountable your current providers. This is where our Project Management experience pays off in bringing the whole team into the focus of executing the plan, with measurable results. From there we check, measure, and adjust as needed.

We Are Experts In our Field.

We bring knowledge and expertise that you do not have. PERIOD! You may be an expert in your field, but unless you run a marketing company, we are sure you are not an expert in ours. Some traditional truths remain in marketing, but the methods of meeting customers where and how they receive content is changing at an amazing speed. We continuously stay current on market trends and research to make sure we are on top of our game. today, more than ever before, marketing is where the sciences of psychology, math, and data collide with art and creativity.

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Our only job is to bring you out of that tiny little corner you are in and help the world to see how amazing it is to do business with you. We develop plans that will help your business make more customers, increase sales, and increase overall profit.


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