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Are you looking for strategic growth?

Do you want to increase your sales and profits?

Do you want to get the most out of your marketing dollars?

Our Business Is Growing Yours

Karismatic is your one-stop, full-service marketing company.

We are all about finding the Sexy in your business and letting the world know about it.  Karismatic promotes every client to their specific target audience.  Creating synergy between our clients and the market place, we are able to drill down to the best marketing strategy for your business success.

Marketing Consulting

We bring a wholistic approach to making sure your business is ready to take it to the highest tier! We can provide process design, as well as proper governance and risk management methods to help you free up dollars and time to put toward growing your business.  Karismatic will also develop appropriate market positioning strategies focused on customer retention, organic growth, new market growth, and even the right pricing. We think over all Brand building from a consumer-centric perspective.

We use both Traditional and Digital media marketing methods

No matter the media platform, we create a clear, concise, consistent message to tell your story.

The Who? We tell who you are to your target market

The What?  What product or service you offer and your unique value proposition

The When? This is where the psychology starts to get deep- When your target market is MOST receptive

The Where and the How?  This is where the science, technology, and creativity crash into a beautiful art- We meet them WHERE they are and HOW they receive the message

You can expect custom marketing strategies for your business using the following methods:

•    Social media management
•    Online reputation management
•    Content writing
•    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management
•    Brand development
•    Process evaluation
•    Text message marketing
•    Marketing consulting
•    Website development & maintenance
•    Marketing materials
•    Advertising placement
•    Video content
•    Signage
•    And much more!

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