Hello Karismatic fans! We’ve had a great few months launching our business here in the Triad area of North Carolina. We’ve got a lot going on with new clients jumping on board and new staff members ready to take off on client projects.

So welcome to this month’s blog edition… Today’s subject is Grassroots Marketing. I want to talk to you today about why Karismatic is different than your traditional marketing agency, and why we can do better for your business in terms of reach, sales growth, and customer satisfaction when using a grassroots campaign.

Advertising and marketing methods typically focus on promotions, ads or campaign methods, including print, radio and television advertisements; newsletters and e-blasts; signs and billboards; social media campaigns, fliers and mailers to name a few. Many businesses have employed these methods for several years with a moderate-to-great success rate, and we are effective at all of these methods too!

Times sure have changed over the past ten, five or even three years. You can’t bank your marketing budget on just these advertising methods when the world is changing with every passing day. Not only that, but you also have to continuously market to your up-and-coming clientele—your customers of tomorrow. So how do you do that, you may ask? Well, keep reading for the surprising answer.

With all the social media and digital marketing methods that have developed and continue to evolve over the last several years, here is the surprising answer: people still like to buy from people they know and trust. I know. Mind-blowing, isn’t it? Rather than remain within the confines of a printed publication or digital media methods, grassroots marketing focuses on the lost art of building and maintaining relationships. It is about putting your company in front of niche groups of current and potential clients on a regular basis who, in turn, will sing your song within their network, become a much larger audience, and be converted into… brand advocates! People who, when engaged with your brand or product, will start spreading the word FOR you. Sounds great right?

Big companies know that this tried-and-true method is still one of the most effective methods of selling and raising brand awareness. Think about one of the most effective grassroots marketing campaigns every year for more than 100 years: Girl Scout cookies! They go door-to-door or set up at local businesses where people go. And, well, the cookies pretty much sell themselves after that. While it’s true that their “sales staff” works for free, many companies hire very highly paid professionals to employ this very powerful method of marketing. Think about all of the pharmaceutical representatives knocking on every doctor’s door. They sure don’t work for free. There are a huge number of regional sales managers for all kinds of companies traveling door to door, speaking to a very specific group of clients, building and maintaining those relationships, and creating top-of-mind awareness. Yes… it still works!

At Karismatic, we focus on building small- to medium-sized businesses. It’s our passion! We understand that these businesses often can’t afford to hire an outside marketing staff like the big companies do. That’s why we’ve developed a way for small businesses to take advantage of this powerful grassroots marketing method, which can be utilized on the same or smaller budget than those used for buying ad space or time and sending mailers. We can also combine this grassroots method with new fancy digital marketing methods to create a holistic package that‘s sure to make your business grow!

So are you ready to start using grassroots marketing efforts as part of your business strategy?