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Welcome to Karismatic!

Are you looking for strategic growth?

Wish you could expand your sales team?

Don’t have the time to find a reputable vendor?

Top-Notch Marketing Strategies without the Price Tag

Karismatic is your one-stop, full-service marketing company.

We’re based right in Ruffin, North Carolina – a town you’ve probably never heard of. But it works for our clients…
By keeping Karismatic local, we’re able to minimize costs and overhead. This allows us to offer BIG time marketing plans at a price that smaller businesses like you can afford. It’s really the best of both worlds!

Our clients come from across the Triad—and beyond.

Why? Because we’ve got dreams just like you. We understand what it’s like to bootstrap a business from scratch. We know what it’s like to worry about funding. And we appreciate the struggles that small- and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs face every day.

One-Stop, Full-Service Marketing Strategies

With Karismatic in your back pocket, you’ll no longer need a full-time, on-staff marketing department. Forget about payroll, employer taxes, benefits, turnover, and other human resources worries and expenses. We find the marketing experts—and put them to work for you!

We’re all about finding the sexy in your business and letting the world know about it.

Our clients know they’ll receive a top-notch marketing plan. And they know we’ll work hard to promote every client to their specific target audience. After all, our business is growing yours.
At Karismatic, we’re not looking to fry big fish. But we do work intently to grow them. Karismatic focuses on developing small- to medium-sized businesses of all types. By creating synergy between our clients and in the marketplace, we’re able to drill down to the best marketing efforts and the best local partners for your business success.

You can expect custom marketing strategies for your business using the following methods:

•    Social media management
•    Content writing
•    SEO management
•    Brand development
•    Business consulting
•    Process evaluation
•    Sales training
•    Marketing consulting
•    Website development & maintenance
•    Marketing materials
•    Advertising placement
•    Video content
•    Signage
•    And much more!

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Meet Your Karismatic Team

Kari Dickerson
Owner, President

Kari is totally passionate about the businesses she works with. Whether you are promoting a product or a service, whether you’re B2B or B2C, for profit or non-profit… Kari’s got a penchant for helping you grow!

Kari was born and raised in a small steel town in southern Ohio.  She graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a marketing degree, specializing in sales training and development. She started her career in disaster restoration in 2000, representing three local restoration offices in both Ohio and Kentucky. Kari was quickly promoted to the corporate team, where she assumed the marketing efforts for more than 50 nationwide franchises covering 16 states.

After several years working on a corporate level, Kari decided to travel less and opened a marketing company closer to home. Karismatic Marketing, LLC was born in 2011 in Indiana, where she met her current husband, Drew. Now Karismatic lives on in North Carolina, though we haven’t forgotten our roots. We still work hard to serve our original clientele in Indiana.

Andrew (Drew) Dickerson

Drew received a degree in business administration and has obtained 23+ years of experience in aviation customer service, sales, and marketing. He has deftly provided B2B and B2C services in both commercial and military segments. Drew has earned a green belt in both variation and lean 6 Sigma, and he’s got a black belt in 6 Sigma design. So, you don’t want to mess with him!

Drew has executed projects to streamline and improve processes that have saved companies tens of millions of dollars in wasteful inefficiencies.  Drew’s decades of Fortune 500 experience bring a premiere operational structure to Karismatic Marketing, LLC. His passion is for small businesses to run lean and mean, especially in those first few years of essential growth. Given his years of corporate America know-how, his exposure and expertise in processes can benefit small business owners on many levels including, legal compliance, risk assessment, risk mitigation, and fiduciary governance.

Drew also has a knack for connecting people. His vast rolodex (What’s that?) is diverse enough to help almost any small business owner in countless arenas.

Drew is highly analytical and reserved, and his passions are his wife, children, and serving his community and church. He enjoys helping people, learning, teaching, and facilitating small businesses growth.
Kari and Drew feel very blessed to serve both their clients and their community.

So get on board! We look forward to helping your business grow and succeed!