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Our business is growing yours! With our Custom Marketing Strategies, by making sure to Attract, Engage, and Convert your potential clients into taking action.

We Develop and execute strategies that win, Period.

Whatever you sell, whatever service you have to offer, the most important thing you are thinking about is not to produce but to make sales. We understand how important it is for you, and that is why we have built specific services to help you achieve that with ease. Karismatic Marketing brings a fresh set of eyes and ideas to your business.  We offer brutal honesty and expertise, partnering with you to develop and execute a winning plan that will increase sales and profits.  Partnering with us will free up time for you to do the things you love.  We make running a business fun again!


About Us

A Full Service Agency

We are not here to sell you advertising or a website. Karismatic partners with only a select clientele, taking a holistic approach to evaluate and develop winning business and marketing strategies.

Forget thinking outside of the box. We’ve thrown the box away! Fresh, new ideas and the right skills make all the difference. We make or keep our clients relevant in a rapidly changing world!

We think in terms of “Consumer-centric” and tailor our marketing plans to ensure your marketing dollars are getting the most bang for the buck!

You don’t want to get stuck for years using the same old strategies that have never worked since you have been trying them. We put all hands on deck, specifically for your business, to help you target the right audience that will bring you up to the point where making a profit would no longer be a problem.

Web Design


What We Offer

Web Design

We create stunning websites for businesses that are a powerful sales and marketing tool. Increasing customer engagement and interaction, and convert website visitors into loyal customers.

Digital Marketing

Your Digital Marketing is your hardest-working salesperson, one that never sleeps nor calls in sick! With a Digital Marketing Campaign, we will help you grow and scale your business.


We take a powerful, unique, and creative approach to our branding process when designing cohesive brand strategies. We help businesses to resonate with their target demographics. 

Search Engine Optimization

Let Karismatic Marketing take the mystery out of the SEO process. We have a conversation with our clients to figure out exactly what it will take to build a strong Search Engine Presence. 


Our Latest Work

Project 1

We had the pleasure of working with Erica Blackwell and her company Magnificent Authentic You. We focused on the user experience, navigation, and CTA placement.

restoration academy's Indianapolis Website Design

Project 2

Bryan and Pam with Property Restoration was a pleasure to work alongside. On their website, we focused on helping their website visitors sign up for classes and events.

industrial Sales Associates' Indianapolis Website Design

Project 3

Industrial Sales is a Manufacturers Representative for Power Transmission and Motion Control Products. We had the pleasure of helping him redesign his website.


What people are saying about us

Karismatic Marketing is a top-notch marketing agency! Kari Cole and her team are passionate about growing your business and taking it to the next level! When it comes to business marketing they’ve got you covered, let their business grow yours!

Heather H.C.

Eden Chamber



Our Blog

Using Pokémon Go to Advertise Your Business

Using Pokémon Go to Advertise Your Business

What is Pokémon Go? In July of 2016, an American software company called Niantic, Inc. released a location-based, virtual reality game called Pokémon Go. The game instantly gained popularity because it brought to life the beloved creatures from the Nintendo games and...

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Our only job is to bring you out of that tiny little corner you are in and help the world to see how amazing it is to do business with you. We develop plans that will help your business make more customers, increase sales, and increase overall profit.


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